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There’s nothing like having my favorite things around

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Today is my birthday and because It’s my birthday I get to post whatever I want on my blog – so there.  Actually I get to do that anyway but it’s still fun to have excuses for things on my birthday.

I’m not sure what sort of plant this is in the picture above but I took it at the wedding shot last weekend.  It’ll be a while before I post any of those photos so I thought I would post one that has nothing to do with the wedding except for the fact that I shot this at the wedding location Lussier Family Heritage Center.  Honestly – this was such a great location for a wedding.  I LOVE love Love outdoor weddings, I LOVE nature, and I love the way the breeze blows, the sun shines, and everything has a bit more space. Outdoor weddings are my favorite and if you’re having your wedding outdoors I’ll gladly photograph it rain or shine!

Anyway.  Last Tuesday night Jordan and I celebrated my birthday with a pancake/nutella dinner.  It was amazingly yummy (it’s very rare for us to have pancakes for dinner) and so great.  I have been asking Jordan for some lavender instead of a bouquet of flowers so he surprised me with a lavender plant!  I love that man.  I love him for not taking the easy way out.  For spending less on something that will actually continue to grow each year and yield an amazing scent throughout our home.  I love him for caring about the planet.  I just love him.  He is the best birthday gift – it seems I don’t need much else but time with him.  Anyway, enough of my carrying on.  Here are a few photos of my favorite person (man, one would think it’s his birthday and not mine!)

Notice the quilt on the back of our couch!  I purchased that at an auction.  My very first auction.  I was so proud after sadly loosing the chemistry beakers that I didn’t bid fast enough on.  maybe someday I’ll take a few better, color photos of the quilt but it’s pretty much awesome.

Enjoy the day!  I’m off to stay up late editing, then birthday goodness tomorrow, then two days of wedding photography!!  Well, one day isn’t the wedding but day before stuff I’m photographing as part of our contract.  Can’t wait!